Special Offer

Special Offer For Remittances

A Special offer for waiver of remittance charges can be
availed by the customers who have kept Time Deposits with us,
as per details given below:

Amount of Deposit Concession permissible
For a Time Deposit of JPY 5 million
(or equivalent) and above
Waiver of commission and
P & T/Swift Charges
Other Conditions:-
(i) This Special Offer is available for only individual
(ii) As on the date of availing the commission, the deposit
should have remained with us at least for one month.
(iii) The above offer is available only for remittances
involving conversions in foreign exchange.
(iv) This offer is for outward remittances only
(v) It is the fastest mode of remittance to any of our more than 10000 branches in all over India.
(vi) Even if the remittance is for any other bank in India, it is quickest.
(vii) Most competitive exchange rates are offered with value-based concessional forex conversion rates.
(viii) Special offer for waiver of remittance charges for customers who have kept deposits of minimum JPY 5 million.