Service Charges

Outward Remittances (w.e.f. 12-September-2016)
TTs & Drafts  issued
JPY 2500
TTs & Drafts issued
Yen to Yen
0.1% of the amount of remittance with a minimum of JPY 6000
TTs & Drafts issued
Dollar to Dollar basis
JPY 4000 plus lifting charge of JPY 1 per USD rounded off to the nearest 100
Amendment in Outward
Remittance by Customers
JPY 2000
Service Charges waiver for remittance for Fixed Deposits in India stands discontinued and Service Charges as above will be applicable.
Charges for cancellation of Draft and Issuance of Duplicate Drafts
Issue of Duplicate DD JPY 1500
Cancellation of DD JPY 1500
Local Remittance
Local Transfer in JPY JPY 1080 (including consumption tax)
Local Transfer in USD
(originator is Customer)
JPY 4320 (including consumption tax)
Local Transfer in USD
(on  basis of inward remittance received from Indian Branches/Foreign Offices)
0.4% converted in TTM minimum JPY 5000
Inward Remittances
Customer Transfer through BTMU. @0.05 % of payment amount minimum JPY 2500
Customer Transfer for our A/c holder No charge
Payment of Demand Drafts issued by our branches
Below JPY 25,000 No charge
Above JPY 25,000 0.05% minimum JPY 2500
Cheques/Drafts sent for collection
Foreign currency instruments sent for collection USD / GBP / Euro 20
Miscellaneous Charges
Cheque Book Flat JPY 1080 (including consumption tax)
Balance confirmation Certificate JPY 540 per instance (including consumption tax)
USD Cash Deposit & Withdrawal 1 yen per USD
Collection of  tegatas JPY 1080 within Tokyo / JPY 1296 outside Tokyo (including consumption tax)
Interchanging among USD & JPY limits JPY 1080 per instance (including consumption tax)
Account Maintenance Charge if minimum balance in Current Account falls below JPY 100,000 / USD 1,000 (w.e.f. 01.06.2016) JPY 1000 / USD 10.00 per annum
Request for FBAS (Foreign Bank Agency Service) (w.e.f. 01.06.2016) JPY 5000 per instance