Remittance Tokyo



State Bank of India offers convenient and cost-effective ways of remitting funds from Japan to India.  You can instantly remit Rupee funds to over 13,000 branches of State Bank of India and its associates.  The funds can be remitted in any one of the following ways:-

  1. Tender cash (JPY) at the branch of SBI, Tokyo.
  2. Open a current account at SBI, Tokyo and thereafter Register under Fax Remittance Scheme in which you can credit your current account and convey instructions by fax for the remittance.

In option (ii), you need not visit the branch every time to make the remittance.

For credit to your Currency Account you can use the Furikomi system (tie-up with Mizuho Bank).

Fax Remittance Service

All the remittances shall be subject to terms and conditions of overseas remittance.   For details Click here.

How to make ‘Furi Komi’

Please do a furi komi transaction through your bank for the credit of our Toza account No. 0117640 maintained by us with Mizuho Bank, Ginza branch (Branch Code 035). Please use following information:-

Name of customer:- (Your Name)
Account No. (Your account number with our bank)
Name of Bank: State Bank of India, Tokyo branch.
Our JPY Correspondent:  Mizuho bank Ginza branch
Account No. : 0117640

Remittance Registration Scheme

By enrolling yourself under the  Remittance Registration Scheme, a customer can obtain a Remittance Registration Card and can send his foreign remittance request by fax [Fax No. (03) 3517-3720] (i) after arranging funding through our account with Mizuho Bank, Ginza Branch and faxing the ‘Application for Remittance with Declaration (Facsimile)’ to our branch. For remittances of JPY 1 million above, the questionnaire duly filled in and signed by you should also be faxed alongwith the Application for Remittance. The customer needs to mention his registration number on the above fax message instead of his account number at the appropriate place.

Wire Transfer

*Please note that both incoming and outgoing Remittance in Japan is governed by Article 3 of the “Law on reporting requirements on cross border payments and receipts for the tax law compliance”. As such you will be required to submit information to the Bank including the Name and address of the remitter and payee and Purpose of remittance, etc. For remittances of JPY 1 million and above, you are also required to submit the questionnaire duly filled in and signed by you alongwith the Application for Remittance with declaration (Fascimile). The questionnaire has been provided as a second page to the Application for Remittance with Declaration (Fascimile) in the Downloads section.