Holiday List

List of holidays for the year 2020 for Tokyo and Osaka branches

Date Day Holiday
January 1 Wednesday New Year’s Day
January 2 – 3 Thursday- Friday Bank Holiday
January 13 Monday Coming-of-Age Day
February 11 Tuesday National Foundation Day
February 23 Sunday Emperor’s Birthday
February 24 Monday Emperor’s Birthday (Observed)
March 20 Friday Vernal Equinox Day
April 29 Wednesday Showa Day
May 3 Sunday Constitution Memorial Day
May 4 Monday Greenery Day
May 5 Tuesday Children’s Day
May 6 Wednesday Constitution Memorial Day (Observed)
July 23 Thursday Sea Day
July 24 Friday Sports Day
August 10 Monday Mountain Day
September 21 Monday Respect-for-the-Aged Day
September 22 Tuesday Autumnal Equinox Day
November 3 Tuesday Culture Day
November 23 Monday Labor Thanksgiving Day
December 31 Thursday Bank Holiday

Note :

All Saturdays and Sundays are banking holidays in Japan.
A day between two national holidays is observed as a bank holiday.
Holidays falling on Sundays are observed on the following Monday.
Working Hours: 9 AM to 3 PM – Monday to Friday