Credit Services

Suppliers Credit

Funding requirements for imports of machinery/ stocks covered by Letters of Credits arranged for upto 180 days, generally. Longer period credits can also be considered on case to case basis.

We offer special arrangement facility by discounting Exporter’s bills and pay them at sight against Usance bills under letter of credits issued by Indian Branches of SBI/ Associate Banks/ Reputed Private & Foreign Banks in India, within approved inter-bank limits..

Discounting at very competitive Rates of Interest ( Against Prime Rate charged by the exporters).
Benefits to Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese Exporters : Payment of the bill amount at sight basis. .No hassles for follow up with importer/ his bank for payment

Benefits to Indian Importers :

Availability of cheaper funds for import of raw materials.

Viable option of working capital finance

Goodwill from exporter leading to long term relationship.

How can you avail this facility?

LC should be opened only for FOB/CIF/C&F value with a Usance tenor of 180 days.

LC must conform to the extant Import control requirements/RBI regulations.

LC should be made available with SBI, Tokyo/ Osaka for discounting.

LC can be overdrawn for interest amount at contracted rate or prime rate which ever is applicable

Buyers Credit

A. Short Term:
Extended to Indian corporate to facilitate import of raw materials, machinery, spare parts etc.
For short term upto 180 days generally, a fine rate of 200 basis points above LIBOR is levied. Rate negotiable for higher volumes.
Extended in USD, JPY and Euro.

B. Long Term :
Extended for import of capital goods for large value projects.
Maturity upto 7 years inclusive of draw-down and gestation periods.
Interest rate, commitment fee, management fee quoted as fine as possible.
ECA backed two-tier buyer’s credit also extended in association with Japan Bank for International Co-operation – a longer maturity period in such cases.

C. Formalities in brief:
Indicative quote given by SBI, Tokyo/ Osaka on request.
Permission from Reserve Bank of India – a pre-requisite, wherever necessary..
A letter of comfort from a domestic branch of SBI or a guarantee from a public sector bank / an acceptable private sector bank in India to be obtained.
For long term buyer’s credit, due-diligence for project viability by a domestic branch of SBI or an acceptable bank or financial institution in India to be completed.