State Bank of India,  15th September 2017

Re: Add purpose of use of the specific personal information (i.e, My number) etc. for linking deposit accounts with the account holders’ individual numbers (fuban)

In line with Article 15 Clause 2 and Article 18 Clause 3 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, we hereby inform you that we have revised our policy on use of our customers’ individual numbers and personal information containing their individual numbers by introducing a new purpose of use as follows. The revision will come into effect as on January 1st 2018, when the management of deposit information by linking deposit accounts with the account holders’ individual numbers will be launched. * The purpose of use introduced by this revision is the one underlined below.

Privacy Policy and Handling of Personal Information
10. Purpose of use of the specific personal information etc. The Branch obtains specific personal information etc. only when required under Article 19 of the individual number act in a legal and fair manner.  Purpose of use of the customer’s specific personal information etc. is limited to followings.
1) Work to draw information return regarding financial instruments
2) Work to draw legal documents regarding overseas remittance etc.
3) Work regarding application of the tax-exempt saving plan etc.
4) Work regarding linking deposit accounts with the account holders’ individual numbers (effective from January 1st 2018)
5) Other works related to 1) to4)



2017 年 9 月 15 日 インドステイト銀行 在日支店

インドステイト銀行(以下、「当行」といいます。)は、個人情報保護法第 15 条第 2 項及び 第 18 条第 3 項を踏まえ、当行の個人番号及び個人番号をその内容に含む個人情報の利用目 的を以下の通り変更(追加)することをご連絡いたします。 なお、変更日は、預貯金口座番号付番が開始される 2018 年 1 月 1 日からといたします。 ※ 変更(追加)点は下線部をご覧ください。

10. 特定個人情報等の利用目的 当行は、番号法 19 条各号のいずれかに該当する場合に限り、お客様から特定個人情 報等を適法かつ公正に取得いたします。 当行が、お客様から取得する特定個人情報 等の利用目的は、以下の範囲内といたします。 ① 金融商品に係る法定調書作成事務 ② 国外送金等取引に関する法定書類作成事務 ③ 非課税貯蓄制度等の適用に関する事務 ④ 預貯金口座付番に関する事務 (2018 年 1 月 1 日以降適用) ⑤ その他、1)から 4)までに関連する事務


State Bank of India launches Japan Desk in India

Desk to facilitate Japanese corporates with banking and business advisory services

State Bank of India has set up a “JAPAN DESK” in New Delhi which was inaugurated by H.E. Mr. Kenji Hiramatsu, Japan’s Ambassador to India and Mrs. Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairman, State Bank of India.

State Bank of India has the largest presence overseas amongst Indian banks with 194 offices spread across 36 countries. The overseas operations of the Bank are covered under International Banking Group which accounted for 14.69% of the Bank’s Balance Sheet and 19.35% of the Bank’s profit in FY 2015. SBI has two branches in Japan, at Tokyo and Osaka.

The India-Japan vision 2025 document envisages a greater co-operation between the two countries and its impact is being seen in several sectors.  The increased awareness and interest among the Japanese Corporates towards India has been offering many business opportunities to the country.  As the premier bank of India, SBI is keen to be a partner in the growth of economic relations between India and Japan and has decided to set up a dedicated Japan Desk in Delhi to cater to the needs and requirements of Japanese Corporates.

Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) already has an MOU with SBI since 2012 to facilitate and develop a close relationship with the Japanese Regional Banks to undertake substantial banking business with them. SBI Japan Operations have so far signed MoUs with 14 Japanese Regional Banks / Shinkin Banks.

SBI Japan Desk has been set up to take this initiative forward and be a single nodal point for catering to the Japanese Corporates. The brand SBI stands for credibility and reliability and Japan Desk shall ensure that the information provided to Japanese corporates/SMEs is consistent with SBI values.  Through the Japan Desk, SBI is aiming to be the window to inbound Japanese Investments in India and vice-versa. The Japan Desk will facilitate in the establishment of banking relationship with the Japanese corporates and the Japanese nationals, provide information on industries, sectors etc.  Such information can be utilised by the Japanese corporates for taking an appropriate decision for their business expansion and securing rupee funding in India.

Contact details of Japan Desk are as under:

TS Jena, Head
SBI Japan Desk
SBI Capital Markets Limited,
5th Floor, World Trade Tower,
Barakhamba Lane,  New Delhi – 110001

Fax:   +91-11-2341-6292
Mob: +91-85888-44760,         Tel: +91-11-2348-5341