State Bank of India, Japan Operation is planning to join ZENGIN SYSTEM.

Accordingly tenders are invited from interested parties who will provide support in establishing the required infrastructure including IT, related hardware, networking, software, and setup of system structure, training/technical knowhow to frontline staffs, security architecture, BCP and operation.


The IT infrastructure and hardware may include among others the following main items

Servers, Terminals, Interfaces, ZENGIN GW, ZENGIN RC, FENC, Connectivity (WAN/LAN), DR/BCP set up etc.


The interested parties will also provide software support required for ZENGIN operation in transmitting the information/data files from the Bank to ZENGIN Centre and vice versa. They will also provide the training to the staffs in operation of ZENGIN SYSTEM and support and problem solving.


The vendor will also mention other details including Security structure, offline interface testing, testing in UAT, Bandwidth required in becoming a member of ZENGIN SYSTEM.


The bidder may furnish their offer for providing the solution on ‘onsite’ (in SBI premises) or ‘offsite’ (in Vendor location) basis as well. The offer may include the cost of manpower for providing support or manning the system as well.


The bid should be in two parts – Technical and Financial.

Technical bid will contain the details of the vendor, its experience in providing ZENGIN and similar technical support to other banks/FIs. IN addition to these the technical bid will have all the ZENGIN SYSTEM diagram details with requirements of IT infrastructure.


Financial bid will consist of two components

  1. Fixed cost – One time cost in establishing the ZENGIN SYSTEM.
  2. Running cost- For providing continuous support and other recurring nature of services.


Completed tenders may please be sent to us latest by 15th January, 2017 at the following address: –


The Country Head & Chief Executive Officer
State Bank of India
Tokyo Branch
Tokyo Tatemono Nihonbashi Building
4th Floor
1-3-13, Nihonbashi
Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 103 0027

For any queries please feel free to contact us at coo.tokyo@statebank.com or vpsysia.tokyo@statebank.com.